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3 Living Room Decor Ideas that are Suitable for a Small Living Room

Having a small living room does not mean that we cannot have a lot of stuff inside it. This thought is fully wrong because it all depends on how we can choose the right one for our living room. A lot of people are still confused as well in decorating their room. Most of them do not know what kind of decoration that will make their living room looks good and comfortable. Do not worry anymore because we have some small living room decor ideas that you can apply.

Entry Table

The entry table is one of the decorations that we will meet when entering a living room. This one will give the first impression whether the room looks good or not for the people who will enter it. Not only that, this decoration also will beautify it and make it more interesting to see. This design is really suitable for a living room with a small space.

© sandra campos

In choosing an entry table, we do not have to confuse because it has so many designs that we can choose. A wooden entry table like the picture above is very suitable for a small living room. The design is really simple and it does not take so much space as its size is quite small.

wooden entry table

© Deanna Stefanich Damesworth

Similar to the first picture, this is also a wooden entry table which will fit in every corner of our living room. The size is also small but it can be used as a place to put some other decorations like a vase, photos, and etc.

Wall Shelf

A wall shelf is a good idea for a unspacious room as it is placed on the wall which will save lots of space in our living room. This decoration will give us more places to accommodate our stuff. It also has lots of designs that we may like such as the designs that we are going to show below.

modern corner shelf

© Maria Mendoza

This one has a modern design that will make our living room looks more modern. The black color that is used for this wall shelf is really beautiful and is suitable for the living room which has a white wall color.

zig zag corner shelf

© Ally Miller

This one also looks modern but it is quite unique because it uses a zig-zag design. It is really suitable to be placed in the corner of the room as it is made for that.

Mirrored Wall

Using a mirrored wall as a wall decoration is a really great idea to make our living room looks spacious. The mirror will make a reflection of the whole room that will give a broad impression of the living room. Below here,  we have some examples that you may like.

geometric mirrored wall

© Leslie Graves

The first one is a geometric mirrored wall that has a modern style. A lot of mirrors are used to make this decor and each of them has a different size that will make the decor looks quite unique to see. See how large is the room although actually, it is not as big as we can imagine.

mirrored wall

© luowei

The last but not least, this one looks simpler than the first one as it uses a square mirror to cover the wall. The wall mirror not only simple but also elegant as it is has a wide surface and give a beautiful reflection that makes our living room looks spacious.

Final Words

We have shared some of the living room decor ideas that will make our living room looks better and good to see. Apply all the ideas above immediately and we are sure enough that you will love your living room more than before. For more ideas, you can check out Roohome website which is our best reference so far. We hope you like it and happy trying!

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