Reasons Why Hitler Lost The War

4 Reasons Why Hitler Lost The War in World War 2

We all know from our history lesson that Hitler and his Nazi empire were losing the war. When we take a look at the early stage of the world war 2, we saw that Nazi always gains victory in their battle. For example, when the Nazi invade Poland, they are gaining great victory and when they are occupying France, it’s a total win for them. But how that they can lose the war in the end when they have so much victory before? From what I have seen and read, there are few reasons why Hitler lost the war. If you want to know more about this, let’s take a closer look below. All the information I got here is based on my knowledge of the history from books and documentary videos.

4 Reasons Why Hitler Lost The War

1. He Swallow More Than He Can Chew

He Swallow More Than He Can Chew

We all know that in the second world war, there are two sides fighting each other. The Axis and the Allies. The Axis, consist of Nazi German, Italy, and Japan. While the Allies consist of America, UK, Canada, Russia, France, and many other countries. Generally, we can see that three countries against five or more countries are outbalanced. I don’t know if Hitler notices this or not, but he is clearly outnumbered by the enemies. This is one of the reasons why he is losing the war. Because Hitler wage war on too many countries that he is not capable of fighting them all.

2. Wasting on Resources

Wasting on Resources

One bad thing that the Hitler Nazi empire love to do that make them lost is that they are wasting their resources. In war, you need to clearly strategize your resources. It’s the most important thing to think about. Resources are the thing that can make the wheel of the war keep rolling. But the Hitler Nazi is a waste. He is wasting resources to build unnecessary huge bunker system. One huge bunker called the Project Giant is a huge waste of resources. In the end, that bunker is never been used. Another project that wasting huge time and money is the V2 rocket research. The Nazi design a missile that is supposed to be used to destroy the ally, but the completion of the research has never been done and the Nazi is already lost at war.

3. Invading Russia

Invades Russia

The glory of the Blitzkrieg is stopped when they are invading Russia. The reason they failed here is that the weather. The Nazi army attacks Russia in its worst time, at winter. All the soldiers and the war machines were halted because of the cold Russian winter. The soldiers were died by the cold and the war machines were broken because of the temperature. This gives the Red Army of Russia an advantage, and they are easily push back the Nazi.

4. Betrayal From The Inside

Betrayal From The Inside

Poor Hitler, he never knows that some of his men even hate him and every plan of him and they decide to take him down from his throne. From the history, there have been several attempts to kill Hitler. There’s one attempt to kill Hitler by bombing his meeting site. It’s on 22 July 1945 Claus Von Stauffenberg attempts to kill Hitler in his Wolf’s Lair with a suitcase bomb. The attempt was failed, Hitler was still alive back then. And after all the smoke has gone, Claus was arrested and executed for his mutiny. This is also one of the reasons why The Nazi empire lost the war. All the personnel inside were fighting each other and not focusing on winning the war.

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