Things You Can Do With Google

5 Things You Can Do With Google, Find Out Here!

Today, when we are looking for some particular information, Google is the best thing that can help you. All the things you do on the internet is all by the help of this giant search engine. But, there are more things you can do with Google than you’re thinking of. Today, I want to share with some of the Google’s features that you might haven’t know about in your lifetime. So, what are those features? Let’s find out below.

Five Things You Can Do With Google

1. Find Information

Find Information

Well, this is the obvious features of Google, isn’t it? We always use it whenever we want to know about particular things. But, just for your information though, there is another search engine besides Google like Bing, and Yahoo Search.

2. Directions

Get Directions

When Google first launched back in 1998, it’s only functioning as a search engine. Back then, people only need it for finding information, but as times goes, people want Google can do more things like giving directions here for example. A long time ago, we probably used maps and GPS system attached to our vehicles. But today, as Google came up with Google Maps, people asking for directions by using this amazing software. Although the digital maps may not 100% accurate, the company always update it with more sophisticated upgrades to make sure it’s as accurate as it can be.

3. Setting Up Alarm

Setting Up Alarm

If you have Google app on your smartphone, you can use it for almost anything you can think of. One of the usages of the app is that you can set alarm just by voice. All you must do is just say “Setup alarm at 7.00” for example and Google will sync it with your alarm software in your phone and set the alarm up. No more wake up late again and getting ass kicked again, isn’t it?

4. Play Games

Play Games

At certain times, you might notice that the Google’s logo can be very interactive. Sometimes, you can even play games with the logo. For example, when the logo is about Pac-Man, you can play the game by clicking on the logo. Or, if you want different games, you can search on Google “Zerg Rush” and there will be some games you can play straight on the browser.

5. Do a Barrel Roll

Do a Barrel Roll

This one thing may not know by many people. If you type “do a barrel roll” in the search box, you will see that your display will be rolling like crazy. There are many other crazy things you can do with special search words, you can find them all on Google.

Well, those are just some of the unique things you can do with Google. There are still many other things you can probably do that I might not know about. Google is the best thing that ever existed in our lifetime as a human. Without Google, the flow of information and how the world run will be much more different. Without this amazing thing, I think the evolution of men will be much slower than we already have today.

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