Delicious Foods Yet Dangerous For Our Health

Delicious Foods Yet Dangerous For Our Health | Find Out Here

Eating food is one of the primary things that we need in order to survive, apart from clothes and shelter. Food is the fuel for us. The fuel to make us feel energized and able to do our duties. Nevertheless, not all food is best for us, most importantly for our health. Today, I want to share with you some of the delicious foods yet dangerous for our health. You might feel disappointed by the food list that I’m about to show you, but I will give you a good reason why the delicious foods can have bad effects towards your health. See them all below.

Six Delicious Foods Yet Dangerous To Health

1. Burger


This one delicious food is the most favorite food in all around the world. Who can withstand the temptation from this meaty meal? But, we all know that this food is one of the junk food. And we all know what junk food will do to our health. One of the bad effects is the cardiac arrest. Burger can trigger the heart failure because it contains lots of calories and fats. It’s the fat that can risk your heart. Another reason why the burger is delicious but also dangerous is that it’s made in a burnt griller. Whenever a food is made in a burnt media, it can contain carcinogenic which can trigger cancer cell in your body.

2. Seafood


Many people said fish is good for your brain thanks for its omega-3. But the fact is not all true. Sure fish got omega-3 which is good for us, but certain fish contain mercury and that is the bad thing for you and your health. It’s probably good to eat fish, but not too many because of the mercury thing inside the fish. The mercury contained within the fish because the water is poised with it and so the fishes in the water.

3. French Fries

French Fries

French fries, the popular snack in many parts of countries. The potato itself is very good for you, but when it’s deep fried, it now contains a lot of bad fat if it’s fried in low-quality oil. French fries are considered to be one of the junk food and as in burgers, eating too much of this can bring trouble for the health of your heart.

4. Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

Now, this is the food which you can find in all part of the world that has chicken in it. Fried chicken is an amazing food with delicious taste and juicy meat. But we know that the fried chicken like in many fast-food joints is bad for your health. Once again, it’s unhealthy because it contains bad fat which can lead to many health issues like cardiac arrest.

So, those are the common delicious foods but contain dangerous for your health. My point here is that you don’t overeat that food if you want to avoid all the bad things that come from the food. Stay healthy by eating healthy food. Good food good life.

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