dissidia final fantasy opera omnia characters guide

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Characters Guide || Add the Best One to Your Party!

Dissidia FF has many characters which you can choose. We are sure you confused which one is the best to add to your party. Here, we will tell you the best character. This is based on our opinion. So, it is up to you wants to follow our recommendation or not. Without any further ado, let us see Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia characters guide.


dissidia final fantasy opera omnia cloud

Without a doubt, Cloud is the best early character. His Cross Slash work really well because it is deal brave and HP attack. It is no wonder this guy can deal a tremendous amount of HP attack with his skill. If you are low on Brave Points, you can use Cross Slash to refill it and deal HP attack in the process. If you have a special weapon which you get from Dissidia NT game, you will unleash his full potential.


dissidia final fantasy opera omnia vaan

Another good character you should add to your party. His whirlpool skill is same as Cloud, can deal Brave and HP damage. Also, when you use it for the third time, you can deal extra HP damage. Vaan really useful if you bring it to fight a boss. Be sure to get his ultimate weapon to boost his low power. If you give a right equipment, this is one of the useful characters.

Warrior of Light

dissidia final fantasy opera omnia warrior of light

A character from the first FF. This guy does not have any official name, the developer only names him Warrior of Light. This is the best support unit which you need to add. His Shield can protect your party from Brave damage. So, you will not go into Brave Break status. remember, if you go into this state, you can not damage your opponent HP because your Brave Point is 0.


dissidia final fantasy opera omnia squall

Unfortunately, this game only allows you to bring 3 characters. You can switch squall with Cloud if you want because both of them have similar power. Squall can easily snatch Brave Points from the enemy with his Solid Barrel skill. You need to participate in the event to get this one. If you are looking for a character which deals tremendous HP attack, Squall is the second best character after Cloud.


Now, we ease your problem to choose the best characters in the game. Now, you do not need to confuse anymore. Do not forget to write down your comment if you want to ask something. If you love RPG game, you can also see the best free MMORPG on PC. Have a nice day and see you soon.

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