DOOM Guides To Beat The Bosses Easily

Doom Guides, How To Beat All The Bosses Pretty Easily

Hello guys, what’s how do you do today huh? Hope everyone is well because now I want to share with you the Doom guides to beat all the boss. Did you know Doom? Or have you played it? If you have already played it, prepare yourself to meet all the three huge bosses. There are three main bosses that you must fight in order to beat the game. The first boss is the Cyberdemon, the second is the Hell Guard, and the last is the giant Spider Mastermind. If you want to know the easy guides of how to beat them, keep reading down below.

My Doom Guides To Beat All The Bosses

1. The Cyberdemon


Before you face this giant monster you will find a big stack of ammo, health, and armor. The game is kind enough to give you all the supplies just before you face Cyberdemon. And one more thing, before you face this demon, make sure you already have the BFG (Big F*cking Gun) so you have a little advantage.

Okay, now the Cyberdemon is huge! And he is equipped with devastating weapons like a rocket launcher, laser cannon, and demonic sword. You will meet this demon in Lazarus Lab you will have to fight him twice! Yes, you need to beat him twice, first on the Lazarus Lab and then beat him again in Hell! Cyberdemon will attack you with a variety of attacks like melee, energy wave, rocket firing, and the worst is the aerial rocket attack. The aerial attack is the one that you must be concerned about. You need to keep moving to avoid the rocket. Other attacks like energy wave or melee attack are easy to avoid. You just have to remember the attack pattern.

2. Hell Guard

Hell Guard

This is, I think, the most annoying boss ever. Why? Because, when you already beat him at the first time, they will get resurrected in two monsters! You will have to fight two of them at the same time. One is already annoying enough, and you have to fight two of them. His main weapon is his mace. This demon has a variety of attacks like a wave of hell energy, fireball, and flamethrower. Beating them is quite easy enough if you always keep moving. And the key to beat them when you have to beat two of them is focusing only on one Hell Guard. If you focus your attack on one of them, the second one will get the same hit. That means you just need to defeat one but you have to avoid the attacks from two of them.

3. Spider Mastermind

Spider Mastermind

This is the last and the biggest boss ever. The Spider Mastermind will come out when you confront Olivia Pierce and she will transform herself into the giant Spider Mastermind. This boss battle could be a little tricky. Fortunately, you only have to beat this ugly monster once with a final attack animation of you, inserting your BFG into its mouth and then fire it. This monster has several attacks like firing laser, shaking the ground with some electricity, and it can boulder you with huge pillars. Defeating this demon would be easy if you use BFG. When you fire your BFG, it will shock the monster and you can inflict more damage. I would recommend you use the Gatling gun with the turret mod. It’s the best weapon to kill this monstrosity.

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