How To Prepare For Natural Disasters

How To Prepare For Natural Disasters | All The Things That Need To be Done

The life of mankind on planet Earth is not always as calm as we want it. Sometimes, the mother nature decides to test our survivability with various disasters. When a disaster happens, which it’s a certain thing, it’s up to us how we perceive it and how we prepare it for the sake of our survival. The common disasters caused by nature are such as tornado, earthquake, tsunami, and etc. But no matter how hard disaster can be, some of us can still survive. With the right decision and proper preparation, we can survive. Today, I want to share something to remind us the importance of how to prepare for natural disasters for the sake of our survival. The detail is as follow.

5 Things of How To Prepare For Natural Disasters

1. Establish Evacuation Area

Evacuation Area

The first thing we need to do if we want to survive when a disaster happens is to create an evacuation area. It’s pretty important because when a catastrophic event occurs, people will panic and don’t know where to go. And when people don’t know where to go, eventually they will risk their own lives. But when an evacuation area is established, people will be more focused to go to that area for their safety.

2. Establish Clean Fresh Water Access

Clean Fresh Water Access

One critical thing to have after we survive disastrous event is a clean fresh water. Water is crucial for our metabolism and therefore for our survival. Usually, after the disaster, water is scarce, it’s something precious. Access to fresh water will be hard unless we have prepared for it long before any catastrophic disaster happened. Make a sturdy and accessible water sources so when the horrible thing happens, we won’t have the problem with water supply.

3. Establish Treatment Center

Treatment Center

Before we gather the injured victim of the disaster, the thing to have is the treatment center. It’s important so we can aid the injuries. To securely establish this aid center, it’s certainly we must put this in a safe spot near the ground zero so we can help the victims fast.

4. Establish Comm Center

Communication Center

Communication is a great additional aspect for our longevity. It can be useful for calling help from the outside world. Believe it, you will need all the help you can get when you are in a dire situation after the disaster. And to get help, you need communication. Comm is a fancy thing during a disaster. Establishing a strong and secure comm network could increase your chance of survivability.

5. Conduct Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue

After all the facilities have been established, then you can conduct search and rescue for the victims. All the facilities that I have mentioned above are very crucial. If you don’t have any of them, how will you treat all the injuries? So, preparation is critical when we face the wrath of mother nature.

Mother nature will always crush us with its powerful disaster, it’s part of the natural selection and only the fittest will survive. But as we grow our technology we can now determine our survivability. It’s all depends on the attitude towards how we see the things that happen around us.

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