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How To Prevent Flood In a Crowded City | Do Your Parts Today

Flooding is a natural disaster where the land is no longer capable of absorbing water due to the huge amount of it. This disaster could happen for many reasons, but the most common cause is the rain intensity. Due to the high density of rain, the land can’t absorb water as fast as the rain dropping water. This event can get worse especially in the urban area where everything is made out of concrete, the road is asphalt, and not enough trees around. However, the good side is that the flood effect can be reduced or even eliminated with the right prevention. Today, I want to share with you how to prevent flood in a crowded city.

If you succeed in reducing the flood effect, the result would be very helpful. You can help yourself from losing hundreds or maybe thousands of dollar due to property damage caused by the flood. So if you want to know all the things that need to be done, the full detail is below.

6 Ways How To Prevent Flood In Crowded Area

1. Better Water Flow System

Better Water Flow System

Before we talk about the solution, we need to know the basic. What causes the flood? It’s the water. We all know water flows from high places to low places and it needs to flow without any obstacles. The thing is, in such crowded city, a water flow is sometimes the last thing to worry about. This is a major mistake. If a city wants to free from flood disaster, a good water flow system is crucial so the water can flow flawlessly.

2. Increase Water Absorption Area

Increase Water Absorption Area

Almost all area of the city is full of concrete and asphalt. These materials are hard for water to get absorbed. A city must have a park, and it’s the only place with a good absorption capability. Increasing the numbers of parks or green space which can absorb water is a good decision if we don’t want to get flooded each time of rain falls.

3. Planting Trees

Planting Trees

Wherever you can, if you spot a green space in your neighborhood, plant a tree on it. It’s a good way to prevent a future flood. How? Because plants like a tree can absorb water pretty fast. The more trees you plant, the better the water will be absorbed into the ground.

4. Make Biopores


For people who haven’t know what biopore is, it’s a hole in the ground which you dig as deep as you can so the water can flow inside and it will be absorbed by Earth fast enough. It also has other benefits such as to preserve the water and to avoid the land getting cracked due to lack of water. This method is invented by Indonesian scientist Dr. Kamir Pariadin Broto.

5. Flood Warning System

Flood Warning System

A good city is where it can warn its people before the flood occurs. To make this happen, an early warning system is required. Before a flood can happen, it can be monitored from the water gate. When the measure is above high, a flood warning system should be triggered by the officer in the water gate. The early warning is crucial so people can prepare themselves for the worst thing.

6. Don’t Litter

Do Not Litter

In some countries or maybe all countries, people still littering their garbage everywhere. The worst case is that people throw out their litter into the river. It’s a fatal mistake because when a river is full of trash, it can’t flow regularly, it will slow down or even stuck and this will only mean one thing, a stocked water will overflowing the river and finally flooding an entire city. So, do what you best to not littering around your neighborhood.

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