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Mobile Legends Hero Guide Zhask – Skills, Item Build, Emblem, and Much More

Greetings to all Mobile Legends lovers. A few months ago, this game has released the newest hero named Zhask. He is a Mage hero type which is very special because he has 5 skills in total, 1 passive and four active skills. As we know that commonly, a hero only has four skills in total. So, Zhask is the only hero which has 5 skills in this game and that is why you should consider to buy him. And in this Mobile Legends Hero Guide Zhask, we are going to give you the information that you need for his skills, item build, emblem, and much more.

Zhask’s Skills

Firstly, we will tell you all of the 5 skills that Zhask has. We will explain all of those skills effect as clear as possible so you can understand it easily.


  • Death Wish (Passive): Zhask will explode himself when he gets killed by the opponent and will give true damage to the nearby opponent.
  • Nightmaric Inception: With his first skill, Zhask will summon a Nightmaric to a decided location. It will burn the nearby opponent and after 2 basic attacks, the Nightmaric will release a laser. The Nightmaric cannot move anywhere and will disappear if it is too far from Zhask.
  • Doppelganger of Insect: His second skill allows him to release a laser and will burn the opponent with 160 (+40) from the Magic Power total point.
  • Nightmare Invasion: By using the third skill, Zhask will throw 5 projectile traps which will give 160 (+180%) point of Magic Power each. Also, the opponent will be slowed if they stomped those projectiles.
  • Dominator Befall: Zhask’s Ultimate skill will turn his Nightmaric into a bigger size and will increase its attack and defense at once.

Spell and Set Emblem Recommendation

For the spell, we have 2 recommendation that you can use. You can choose between Flicker and Retribution if you are playing this hero. Flicker spell is really useful to help you to run away from the opponent’s attack especially in avoiding the ambush of the opponent’s Assassin hero. As we know that a Mage hero type will be the main target to be killed during a team fight.

If you prefer to use the Retribution spell, it will help you to kill the Jungle Monsters and Minion faster. Besides, you can raise Zhask’s level even faster so he can surpass the opponent’s heroes’ level and become stronger than them. In short, you will be benefited a lot if you use this spell.

And for the set emblem that you have to use for Zhask is, of course, the Magic emblem. This is the most suitable set emblem for this hero as he is a Mage hero type.

Item Build for Zhask

Since Zhask is a Mage hero type, better we focus on increasing his Magic damage. As we know that a Mage hero type is really weak in term of defense and they can easily get killed when facing an Assassin or Fighter hero type. So, there is no use in improving his defense as it is less effective for him. And below, we will tell you what are the items that you need to build.

  • Clock of Destiny: +60 magic power, +615 HP, +600 mana
  • Magic Shoes: +10% cooldown reduction, +40 movement speed
  • Concentrated Energy: +70 magic power, +700 HP
  • Feather of Heaven: +65 magic power, +30% attack speed
  • Blood Wings: +150 magic power, +150 HP
  • Blood Wings: +150 magic power, +150 HP

As you can see, this item build focus on increasing Zhask’s Magic Power and with this item build, his damage will be really hurt when he attacks the opponent’s hero.

Tips for Using Zhask

The last, we will give you some tips for using this hero. We have some tips that you can follow while playing this wonderful mage.

  • Be Smart in Using his Skills. In order to get the best out of Zhask’s skills, it would be better if we use his third skill first to slow down the opponent’s movement, followed by the first and fourth skill to call the gigantic Nightmaric help before we use his second skill to release the laser.
  • Always Push the Tower with the Nightmaric. The Nightmaric from Zhask’s first and fourth skill can also give damage to the tower. So, always use it and put it near the opponent’s tower although the minions have not arrived.
  • Give Support to the Team. Since Zhask’s skills are really useful especially in defending the tower so it would be better if we can help the whole team by changing from one line to another to support the other member when it is possible.


We have shared all the information that you need to know about this hero in this Mobile Legends Hero Guide Zhask article. Hopefully, everything that we have shared above can be really helpful for you while using this hero in a match. So, if you still have some questions about this hero, just feel free to ask. We will answer all of your questions immediately.

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