Special Animals

Special Animals With Special Characteristics of Their Nature

Human is not the only living creature inhabiting the planet Earth. There are others like animals, plants, bacteria, and so on. Today, I want to talk about some special animals and the reasons what make them special. I love studying animals on Earth, through the studying, I think we can learn, recognize, and start to respect all animals on this planet. So, let’s take a look all the list of the animals with specialization below.

8 of Special Animals That Have Extraordinary Characteristics

1. Lion


When we talking about animals, let’s start with the king of all land animals, the lion. Lion, I think, is the most majestic animal of all. Why? The reasons for that are because

> Female lion is responsible for the hunting job to provide food for the group.
> Male lion spend almost all day resting.
> Male lion only wakes up for eating when the female got some food.
> But the male lion had one hard job to do, they have to defend the group if there is another male lion tries to attack the group.

Another reason for the awesomeness of lion would be their roar. A lion’s roar could be heard miles away from the source position.

2. Bat


But is the only mammals that can fly. They are a nocturnal animal which means that they most active to hunt at night. But can’t see, and to “see” the environment, they use echolocation. It’s an ability to see the surrounding things by transmitting ultrasound. When a bat transmitting ultrasound, the sound wave will spread through the air and when it’s hitting something like obstacles or prey, the sound wave will be bouncing back to the bat’s ears and then they know where to fly. That’s how bat flies around without seeing the things around them. They just heard the sound wave to recognize the surroundings, what an amazing ability to have.

3. Ant


In nature, size does matter, but when you are big in numbers, you can take out any big animals. This notion works well for a small animal such as ants. If alone, an ant is very fragile, but when they are in large numbers, they are the creature you don’t want to mess with them. If you watched Nat Geo long enough, you can learn that there are an ant species called fire ant, they are strength in numbers, and they can even kill a hundred times larger animal than them.

4. Pangolin


Pangolin is now included in as an endangered species, they are endangered because people hunt them for their hard skins. Their skin is rumored to be a cure for many fatal diseases. Pangolin is a unique animal with hard skins all over their body. When they feel danger from hunters, they roll up their body and turn into a form like a ball.

5. Dolphin


Dolphin is not fish, it’s a mammal. They are a majestic creature we used to see in a large aquarium on theme park or we used to see them in a circus. They are a highly intelligent creature. A long time ago, dolphin used to save people who got an accident on the sea. But, they are still a wild creature, so, take a careful attention when approaching this beautiful animal.

6. Cat


This furry little creature is the most common pet for a human. They are cute and furry. Cat love activity such as chasing red dot. The cat is a nocturnal animal so they are mostly active at night and spend the rest of the day sleeping. This cute animal can see even in a dark place because they have special eyes and their mustache also help them to locate things surrounding them. There’s a unique thing about the cat, if you give the cat some catnip, they can go crazy and more active.

So, those are some of the special animals on Earth with their own special characteristics. All animals are made with their own uniqueness, they have their own special abilities to survive the mother nature.

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