The strongest country in the world based on military power

The Strongest Country in the World Based on Military Power

Up until now war still exist even though it is not really phenomenal like a long time ago. Human still uses a brute force in order to get something that they want. Here, we have the list of the country which has the strongest military forces. Are you curious about it? Just find out the answer below.

The United States

usa military

The United States without a doubt is the most powerful country if it is measured from the military power. American Fleet has 19 aircrafts carriers and $612 billion budget. Can you imagine what will American do with that armament? We are sure it can destroy half of the world if they seriously want to do it. Do not forget the new Navy’s new railgun, the new weapon which American developed. Last but not least, the world largest nuclear is ready to blast all country within its range.


russia military

In the second place, we have Russia. Currently, from the data which we already gathered, Russia has 766,000 active troops. They also have 15,500 tanks. Russian is the largest country which has many tank forces. The soldier also has undergone a harsh training. As for the budget, Russian military forces reached $ 76.6 billion. Wow, it is really insane actually.


china military

Actually, we really surprised when seeing China in the third place of the world strongest military. This country has 2,285,000 soldier standby. China also successfully steal important military information from USA such as F-35. This is the newest air force from America. We really amaze with the skill of the soldier which pass through the security system of America.


indian military

Even though India is a small country, it has an awesome firepower. For the military, they already spend $46 billion budget. For your information, India has ballistic missiles which ready to fire anytime. This is the missile which makes Pakistan surrender over India. We all already know the long conflict between Pakistan and India. What makes it more surprising, there is also a little conflict between China. But, it is already over long time ago.


german military

German military decrease significantly after the economic crisis. But, it still has a fearsome soldier which ready to take down any enemies. Even though it does not have a powerful soldier and weapon, the country still has much power. Germany also becomes one of the largest spenders in the military. It is already cost around $ 45 billion.


Well, you already know which one is the strongest country. If it is the war begin again, we can say for sure the country which will dominate the war.

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