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The Alchemist Code Review || A beautiful Strategy RPG for Smartphone!

There are not many strategy RPG games on the smartphone. But,, the developer of Brave Frontier launched a new game entitled The Alchemist Code. It uses a strategy RPG genre. You can move your character freely in the field and if your character near the enemy they can attack it. So, is it a good game? Let us see the review right away.


the alchemist code gameplay

If you ever played Final Fantasy Tactics, probably you find the similarity with this. You can move your character depending on the movement square which shows in the field. Use attack command, item or special skill. For your information,  you can unlock more command after progressing in the story mode. Remember, you can deal a tremendous amount of damage if you move your character behind the enemy back.

Game Modes

the alchemist code mode

If you want to understand the story of the game you can choose story mode. Each time you level up your account, you can get new game modes. From Raid, Arena, and Multiplayer Co-op. What we like the most is the multiplayer mode, you can play the game together with your friends. Unfortunately, you can only choose one character because your friend will fill in the role for the empty slots.

Job System

This game features a job system. If you manage to level up or collect certain item, you can change your character job. There are many jobs in this game such as Shrine Maiden, Ninja, Samurai, and Holy Brawler. You cannot retain the previous Job skill if you change it. So, you need to be careful about this. If you do not want to lose the skill you already get, you need to have a good strategy to play this.

Graphics Quality

The artwork in this game indeed beautiful polished. The 3D graphics are really something, it is really smooth. The special skill of every character is really good to see. We do not have any complaint about the graphics. You will enjoy it for sure.

Pros & Cons


  • Simple gameplay which makes you addicted to the game
  • Beautiful artworks
  • It is very easy to get rare units
  • Play together with your friends real-time


  • The camera (battle) is a bit lag when you move it
  • Currency is really hard to get
  • The energy system is quite annoying. You cannot level up your character freely

Overall indeed did really well by creating this game. All people can enjoy the great strategy RPG for free. We give this game 80 as the score. This one really fantastic. You need to download and play it right away.  You will not regret it for sure.

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