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The Best Free MMORPG on PC || Play it Right Away to Feel the Greatest Sensation!

PC already become the greatest tool for gaming. Especially for an online game. Here, we will give you the best online game which you have to play on PC. We will focus on RPG genre because this is the best genre if you want to play an online game. Check out the list below for the best free MMORPG on PC.

Star Trek Online

star trek online

Of course, you already about Star Trek movie. The developer takes this chance to introduce this series to the gaming world. Because of that, they created Star trek online. When the first time you play the game, you need to create an avatar and choose a class. Customize your own avatar from the head until the body. This game features a deep customization. So, you can change all your characters appearances. As for the battle system, is not really complicated. You will move around your character to complete a mission in Star Trek world. Do not forget to unleash the special skill if the gauge already full. You can use much different skill depend on the character class.

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

final fantasy xiv

It seems Square Enix is not satisfied after the destruction of Final Fantasy XI online. But, this game is different from the previous series. FF XIV features an open world map which you can explore with your friends and become the greatest adventurer. Create your unique characters and fight against the evil in this game. There are many classes which you can choose. Each of them will evolve if you reach a specific level. The graphics of this game is superb. You will not regret it after seeing it. For the FF fans, you need to play this one at all cost.

Star Wars The Old Republic

star wars the old republic

We can say for sure, Star Wars the Old Republic is the best MMORPG on PC. There are varieties of bonus when the first time you play this game. But, if you do not like a complicated thing, please kindly avoid this one. The battle system is really complex. That is why you need to pay attention to the tutorial section. Overall, this is a great game. The reason why many players come back to this one because of the mission. It has many varieties and objectives. Each month it will change automatically. So, you always feel the different sensation from it.

Dota 2

dota 2

The most popular MMORPG in the world. Who does not know about Dota or also known as World of Warcraft? This one already become the iconic game on PC. We are sure one of you already played this before. The best thing about this game is about the multiplayer mode. You can together play with your friends against a horde of enemies. Not only that but also battle against your own friend to test your own power.


If you are looking for free MMORPG, the list above can help. Not only free but also we offer you the best one. Start your PC right away to try this fabulous game. Last but not least, we also find a good website which can satisfy many PC gamers. Just go to Yourgameinfo to know the details.

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