Best Games About Outer Space

The Best Games About Outer Space | Bring The Battle To The Space!

Video game universe is something that is limitless. For many years, game developers are creatively making games about anything and everything. There’s no limit, and not even the sky is a limit. Some of the video games today mostly about adventuring in the emptiness of outer space. Today, I want to share with you some of the best games about outer space where you can do thrilling adventures into a different world. What are those best games? Let’s find out on the list below.

5 Best Games About Outer Space Adventures

1. Eve Online

Eve Online

Wanna be a pirate or miner in space? Well, you better off playing Eve Online. It’s a game about exploring the vast galaxies and you can become anyone you ever wanted. Do you want to dominate the market of outer space, you can be the one who monopolizes the free market. Or if you got some pirate life in your soul, you can plunder every lonely ship that wanders around the space.

2. No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky

With all the negative words about this game, at least, this game portray some of the best galaxies life ever made. In NMS, you start as an astronaut who got crash landed on a strange planet. You have two objectives, one, you can go straight to your main mission which is going to the center of the galaxy. Or, the second objective is that you just wandering around the vast galaxies, the choice is yours. The gameplay of NMS is similar to Minecraft, you need to gather materials and build items to prepare yourself for the journey. Along the way, you can unravel some ancient civilizations stuff and you can meet many weird aliens.

3. Star Citizen

Star Citizen

Rumors said that this game would eat up your HDD up to 100gb! Star Citizen is an Open-world game which is still coming soon. From what has been informed, this game would be similar to EVE Online. You can play as a character who can be anyone you want. Since this game hasn’t released yet, let’s just wait for further information for the detail of the game.

4. Astroneer


If you are disappointed by No Man’s Sky, you can play Astroneer to cure your thirst for a space game. Astroneer is an open-world RPG game where you can explore every possibility of the planet. Gather materials, build stuff, and eventually, build your very own space station on the planet that you found.

5. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program

Now, we have come to most realistic and hilarious space game ever made. KGS is a game where you can feel like working at NASA. Your job is to create space ship that can launch the Kerbals to space. Not just space, to complete the achievement, you must be able to make your space ship landed on the moon or any other planet if you can. This game is so hilarious because you can create space ship with your own imagination. Nothing will limit you here. Create the craziest space ship ever known to mankind and watch it launched to the Mars!


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