the best heroes in mobile legends

The Best Heroes in Mobile Legends | Be a Better Player by Playing Them

There are a lot of heroes in Mobile Legends that we can choose in a battle and each of them has unique abilities. Of course, from so many heroes in this game, there must be some of them which are better than the others. And this time, we will discuss some of the best heroes in Mobile Legends which has a really good ability that will help us win so many battles. So now, let us check out the list below!



For the Tank type of hero, we will go for Franco, the Frozen Warrior. We can say that he is the best Tanker in this game because he has a really important role in the battle. He can act as a Crowd Control and an Initiator with the skills he has. His first skill, Iron Hook can attack and drag an enemy from long range. And he can lock the enemy’s movement by using his third and second skill. Even so, he is not easy to play although he is the best Tank type in this game. That is why we have to learn and get used to playing him.



Fanny is an Assasin type hero which is really frightening if we can play her very well because she can kill many enemies easily. Besides, she is really hard to get killed because she can run away easily and fast by using her second skill Steel Cable. So, her second skill can help her to attack and flee at once. But, the problem is that she is really hard to play. Maybe we can say that she is the hardest hero to play in Mobile Legends. If we are not used to playing her, we can easily get killed and cannot do a thing. And we also need to do farming frequently in order to get the best out of her.



If we love to use a Marksman hero, Irithel is the best one for us. As a Marksman, Irithel’s role in the team is really crucial especially when in a team fight situation. This hero has a really big damage and can knock down all the enemies easily. Similar to Fanny, she also needs to do a lot of farming so we can build her item faster. And with the right item build, she will be really deadly. That is why we add her to the list of the best heroes in Mobile Legends.



This Fighter Assasin hero type is really popular in this game. That becomes one of the reasons why we add him to this list. Alucard is really strong and hard to get beaten especially when in a team fight situation. It is because he has unique abilities where his attack will become deadlier when surrounded by so many enemies and has an amazing life steal effect which makes him hard to get killed. That is why a team fight rarely happens if Alucard is in the battle.



As a Support hero type, Nana is really important to the team during a team fight. Maybe she is weak in term of durability, but she can also kill the enemy with her skills or at least creating a lot of assists. She has the abilities to disable the enemy’s movement with her second and third skill which will be helpful for your teammates to finish the enemies. Many players are overwhelmed to deal with her especially when it comes to a team fight. But, we must keep the distance with the enemy because she is so easy to get killed and often targeted by the enemy.

Final Words

Those are the best heroes in Mobile Legends which have really good abilities that can help us win so many battles. Now, you need to try them one by one and get used to playing them. Then, you will be unbeatable.

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