Why Do Human Destroy Life

The Reasons Why Do Human Destroy Life Which God Has Given

Since the first creation of human, God himself know that they are a destructive creature. They will always have the tendencies to hurt each other over something that they want. In the Islamic view, we know this fact from Quran which stated “They (angel) said, “Will You place upon it (the world) one who causes corruption therein and sheds blood, while we declare Your praise and sanctify You (God)?” But the God said to the angel, “Indeed, I know that which you do not know.” Quran 2:30. From the holy verse we can see that God himself already know that mankind will be a destructive creature but He also best knew of His own creation. This leaves us a question, why do human destroy life? Why do we hurt each other?

That kind of question is the perfect one when we see the news lately. War is everywhere and within it, death will follow. We all see the news of war between Israel and Palestine, the civil war in Syria, and the horrifying terror of ISIS. But still, the fundamental question of all that thing is why we do that? What is the purpose of all the conflicts and death? Today, I want to share with some of the reason why people fighting over each other. To see them all, let’s take a look below.

The Reasons Why Do Human Destroy Life

1. For Land

For Land

The war of Israel and Palestine is triggered by land occupation. The Israeli thinks that the land which Palestinian lives is theirs and so Palestinian thinks that the land which Israeli lives are theirs. But the truth may be far more complicated than that. From what we have seen from the news or documentaries, this war is also triggered because of the difference in religion. But apart from religious matter, the land is the root and the cause of the war.

2. For Resources

For Resources

Man destroys each other because of their own greediness. Humankind is a creature that can never be satisfied with what they have in life. If one person owns one gold mountain, he/she will surely want another mountain of gold. That’s the level of greediness which people have. This greediness triggers our inner violence. We fight each other over resources to fill our need and to have more and more than we need. This is the nature of human. We hurt each other for something that we should share. We live on one Earth, and this planet contains enough resources to fulfill our need. But there are some people that just don’t want to share.

3. For Glory

For Glory

Planet Earth is the place where human life. We are a planet of many people and many continents. Such huge land is divided into many countries. And each country has their own ideology and belief system. Such diversity is another reason why people fight each other. There are some people that want to conquer others and apply their ideology and belief. For some nations supremacy over other nation is far more important than anything else because they want to spread the words that they are the best and the apex nation of all.

So, those are some of the reason why do human destroy life which God has given. God himself knows that we are a destructive life form, but God knows better than we do. And He has the best reason why He made us in the first place. Human is created to lead and manage this world. It’s up to us whether do we still want to fight each other to dominate all or we can just live together in harmony and lead this world altogether.

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