WWE Supercard Glitch Credits

WWE Supercard Glitch Credits, Find out The Best Method!

Welcome back again, today we would like to share how to get free credits to your account. You must be very curious about this one because it is never shared before and it works like a charm. We only share the best method for you about glitch credits in WWE Supercard. We are sure it will come handy for you.

There are many free credits method around us. However, there is only several of them who works 100% without any errors. Most of them have been outdated. So, we will show you the updated version where it is the only one to do.

We really thankful to James from IGN because he really does a good job by sharing this method with us. We have tested it on several accounts and it works really well with almost every account whether it is new or old. You should be very eager right now but you have to read some rules about this glitch.


  1. You must not use this glitch more than once a week after you receive free credits to your account. If you try to cheat our system we will block your account.
  2. You must not share this in WWE Supercard public community because it can attract its developer.
  3. You must not exit the glitch once you are in the process. We are not responsible if your account locked by the system.
  4. You must not create another connection from the same device. One device = one account.

That is all, the simple rule that you have to understand. Please keep in mind, once you abuse our rule. Your account would be locked. So, you have to consider this one before doing it.

How to?

  1. Visit: WWE Supercard hack
  2. Create a connection
  3. Enter your detail
  4. Wait for the glitch process
  5. Check your credits on your account.

We have listed the steps above where it is really easy to do. If you found any bugs on our glitch. You can report it here. We will process it 2×24 hours.

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