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WWE Supercard Guide || How to Strengthen Your Cards? See the Simple Method Below!

WWE Supercard indeed one of the interesting game out there. It is not use fighting genre as the usual one. The developer completely changed this game into a card battle. You will use your favorite WWE character and smack down your opponent. To make this game more amazing, we provide you WWE Supercard guide. This one will help you to make your card powerful than ever.

Play an Exhibition Match

wwe supercard exhibition match

This is the best place to get a powerful card and the same rarity card. Why you need the same one? Of course to increase the strength of the wrestlers. In order to increase the rarity, you need it. Beware, the opponent in this mode not really easy like you encounter from the story mode. We recommend you choose the best fighter or you will regret it for sure.

Diva Cards

wwe supercard diva card

Diva cards or also known as a support card. It will strengthen your team in the match. Be sure to use this one if you manage to get it. This one is really hard to get, that is why you need to treasure it. Every Diva has different power, take advantages of it and win the battle immediately. As we know, there are two ways to get this powerful card, either by completing the special mission or buy it with credits in the shop.

Combine Junk Cards

If you have a junk card which you do not use, you can combine it with powerful one to increase the status of the legendary card. Before you begin the combination, ensure the junk card already maxed level. For your information, you will get more status points. Do not miss this great chance guys.

Train Your Wrestlers

Another easy way to strengthen your card except leveling up. Unfortunately, you cannot do it everytime. Sometimes, if you do not level up your wrestlers to a certain level, you cannot train them. That is why you need to keep leveling up your character in order to train them to become the powerful fighter ever.


That is the easy way to make your wrestler cards powerful than ever. Now, you can try our method to create the best one. If you still struggle after follow our advice, we provide another method which we found quite effective. You can use WWE Supercard hack tool. This one will generate unlimited credits (free of charge). If you do not have any hope left, we recommend you try the tool. It will help you for sure. For people who doubt it, just see it for yourself.

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