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5 Best Simulator Games For Android and iOS | Start Your Fantasy Today

If you are a type of person that love games about clearing certain task and reach beyond everything you do in real life, then you love simulator games. Today, a simulator game on a mobile platform is capable of doing more challenges same as games on the console. If you’re true fans of such genre, today I want to share with some of the best simulator games for Android and iOS. To see the full list of the games, check it down below.

5 Best Simulator Games For Mobile Platform

1. Flight Pilot Simulator

Flight Pilot Simulator

Ever dreamed of being a pilot? Well, you can start living your dream by playing this flight simulator game. Get ready to be on the edge of the seat when you play the game. It will constantly need your focus because flying a tonnes airplane require tremendous skill and focus. You must be alert every time something happens to your plane. Get ready for all the challenge when you’re taking off, the turbulences, and the landing. This game is the best and almost realistic as the real pilot flying an airplane. Definitely, a must play the game for airplane lovers.

2. Euro Truck Driver Simulator

Euro Truck Driver Simulator

Prepare to wear your best trucker hat because you will get behind the wheel on the best and realistic truck driving game. Do you ever wonder what it’s to be like being a truck driver that must drive across the land, sending goods and materials to other people? Well, in this game, you can feel the thrill and excitement driving truck across beautiful landscape of Europe. Drive lots of best trucks in its class. Deliver all the supplies on time so you can make big money. Feel the experience of being the best truck driver in history.

3. Indonesian Train Simulator

Indonesian Train Simulator

Although this game is titled Indonesian Train Simulator, actually, this game is made by the same developer who created Euro Truck Driver Simulator. Drive the Indonesian train in the most beautiful landscape in the world. With the graphics that almost feels so realistic, there is no other train simulator as good as this one. Indonesian is famous for its beautiful landscape, and a train is the most famous transportation chosen by the people. To know what it feels like driving Indonesian train and witness the beautiful landscape, you can try to play this game.

4. Farming Simulator

Farm Simulator

Wanna know what’s feels like to be a farmer from scratch to success. The road to success won’t be easy, you will always find it hard to grow your farm. This Farming Simulator game is the most realistic farming game ever made for the mobile platform. You can download and play this game completely for free from Play Store or App Store. A definitive experience of being a farmer awaits you in this game.

5. Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator

When I first played this game, the first thought cross in my mind is that the developer is so genius about this. Why? Because it never exists before that there is a simulator about being a goat. We thought becoming a goat is simple, just eating grass and meet another goat. But in this sim game, you can become the most annoying goat ever. Create havoc and destruction across the land you are on. This is the pioneer of any animal simulators.

So, those are all the best simulator games ever made for the mobile device. Try them all if you are true fans of simulator genre.


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